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5 Considerations when planning for your own funeral

Amy Peters
18 January 2022 11 min read

Planning your own funeral, it’s really not something we like talking about, is it?

However, reports from the Funeral Planning Authority suggest that 57% of adults aged over 40 haven’t thought about what their wishes might be and if they have, certainly haven’t talked about it with anyone.

But funerals are very personal affairs and also, can be pretty expensive which is another burden for your bereaved loved ones to deal with if arrangements aren’t in place. So where to start? Well firstly, consider the following:

  • Are there funeral instructions in your Will?
  • Do you have savings or a funeral plan to pay for the funeral?
  • What type of funeral do you wish to have?
  • Where do you want your funeral to be?
  • How do you want the ceremony to be like?

Our Advice

The most common types of funeral are burials and cremations. If you are considering that a burial may be preferable, think about where you would like your burial plot to be. There are lots of options from the local cemetery to woodland burial sites that may be more to your taste. If cremation is more in your line of thought, think about what you would like to happen to your ashes and where you would like them to be scattered or buried. 

In addition, whilst a religious ceremony may fit with your beliefs, you can also request a non-religious ceremony is conducted.  You can also make your wishes known regarding dress code for the ceremony, music to be played and other details that will provide great clarity at an undoubtedly distressing time for your loved ones. 

We always recommend that you discuss your wishes with those that you will leave behind. The thought of talking about your funeral is often worse than the reality of having that chat as there can often be a real sense of relief once you have made clear what your wishes are to be. 

You can create a record of your funeral wishes within your Will and you can also take out a Prepaid Funeral Plan to cover the future funeral costs at today's prices and provide peace of mind for your family. Read this article if you are unsure on how to update your will.

If you’d like to talk to one of the team about how we can help you then feel free to call 01522 500823 or email hello@beneficialfamilywills.co.uk.

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