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Storing a Will: How to safely store your physical and digital details

Amy Peters
28 September 2021 25 min read

Beneficial Family Wills are delighted to announce our partnership with Keylu for an enhanced document safe custody solution.

By partnering with Keylu we can provide you with a fully rounded document storage offering, meaning you can not only safely store your physical documentation but also your virtual or digital details and information as well.

Keylu lets you secure all of your important information and make it available to the right people at the right time. It helps get everything organised in one place, and crucially it means you can ensure you have sorted everything out for your loved ones should anything happen.

The Keylu digital platform helps people plan, organise and store personal information that loved ones will need when someone passes away. It will also help create a lasting legacy for family and friends.

The platform makes it easy for you to record details of your important personal, legal and financial information that families will need. It also allows you to upload and store digital copies of documents, photos, videos and anything you would wish to share after your death. All this information is securely stored and made available to nominated trusted contacts after death.

Within the planning section, you also have the option to record personalised video messages, leave money to charity or even make use of the funeral planning tools.

Document safe storage is an increasingly vital element to consider regarding all the different channels of information you may now have. Safely storing a hard copy of a document such as a Will has always been vital in order for final wishes to be fully carried out, but as digital assets evolve and grow, and as we create more personal information then the need for a secure storage option grows as well.

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A combined offering for you to take advantage of

At Beneficial Family Wills we provide a document safe storage solution, meaning any legal or important documents can be kept secure by us for future access, either by yourself or by a family member or executor as instructed by you. Ensuring the safe location of a document such as your Will is vital, if it were not in a safe place, in years to come it could be lost or someone could attempt to alter the document in some way. Either way, your wishes may not be carried out.

Our partnership with Keylu means, not only can you ensure all legal documentation is kept safe but your digital information as well – providing tighter security for future access to personal and legal information. In this digital world, we all create a huge amount of digital information from photos, music and videos to online banking, and other financial information.

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The BFW Document Safe Storage offering is a service that provides a number of benefits:

Physical document storage:

• FREE Will registration with Certainty, the National Will Register;

• FREE like for like Will re-write for each payment year;

• Insured up to £2 million for any losses or costs incurred as a result of there being no legally binding document;

• Documents can be accessed at any time free of charge;

• Additional documents such as Lasting Powers of Attorney can also be stored with the Will at no extra charge;

• Comfort your legal and important documents are kept safely and securely.

Digital document storage:

• Securely store your digital assets and information;

• Store personal information such as photos and videos that will only be made available to trusted contacts upon the client passing;

• Store digital copies of insurance renewals, life insurance documents etc so they are all in one place when required by loved ones;

• Appoint your IFA or Estate Planning adviser as a trusted contact so they can support your family should the worst happen.

Ian Dibb, Keylu CEO comments:

“Keylu are delighted to be working in partnership with Beneficial Family Wills. Trevor, Amy and the team provide an extremely friendly and professional service that is clearly aimed at doing the right thing by their clients. We look forward to working closely together and complimenting their services.”

Amy Peters, Beneficial Family Wills, says:

“Physical document storage for items such as Will or LPA’s remains to be of paramount importance as original signed copies continue to be favoured by government bodies such as the Probate Registry and the Office of Public Guardian. However, organising our increasing digital assets is also becoming vital, in particular, to help those that are left behind to collate the affairs of a loved one."

She continues:

“The innovative and ethical approach taken by Keylu to meet this requirement makes for a perfect partner and we are delighted to be part of their visionary approach in supporting our clients to help manage their digital affairs.”

If you would like to find out more about our Storage services and how we work with Keylu to give you full security or you want to know what making a will entails just call us on 01522 500823 or email hello@beneficialfamilywills.co.uk

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