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Your blended family & your Will

Amy Peters
31 August 2023 10 min read

Creating  a Will is an essential step in ensuring your wishes and assets are properly managed and distributed after your passing. When you have a blended family (i.e. children from a previous relationship) it becomes even more important to consider the unique dynamics and potential complexities involved. Here are some steps to consider;

Consult with a specialist

Seek professional advice from a qualified specialist in estate planning. They will help you to navigate the legal aspects and ensure your Will meets all the necessary requirements. They will help you to take stock of your assets including property, investments, bank accounts and personal belongings


Decide on your Beneficiaries

Determine who you want to include as beneficiaries to your Will. This may include your spouse, children from previous relationships, step-children or other people you wish to provide for. It may be possible to include trusts within your Will to ensure that your spouse is provided for whilst they are alive, but when they pass away, your assets always pass to your chosen beneficiaries.

Identify your Executors

Your Executors are the people who will be tasked with administering your estate and carrying out your wishes after you have passed away. Ensure you select individuals you trust as being an executor carries a large responsiiblity and these people will be handling large sums of money on behalf of your loved ones. 

Address potential conflicts

Blended families can sometimes lead to complex dynamics. Anticipate any potential conflicts or disagreements and make provisions to address them in  your Will. This might involve establishing clear guidelines for distributing assets via trusts or seeking professional advice on how to minimize potential disputes.

Review and update regularly

Life circumstances change so it's crucial to review and update your Will periodically. Major life events such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child or the death of a beneficiary may necessitate revisions to your estate plan.

It could be worth a conversation with a team to make sure all your wishes are taken into account and beneficiaries properly catered for in the future – just call us on 01522 500823 or email hello@beneficialfamilywills.co.uk