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One size does not fit all.

Amy Peters
21 April 2022 12 min read
Would you buy the wrong size shoes just because they are cheaper?

Generally, online Wills ask for the money on application, have no human contact at all and rely on algorithms. Information is inputted and a Will is generated. But can a program advise a person that what they think they want is not, ultimately, in their or their beneficiaries’ best interests or produce a bespoke Will?

The simple answer is no, of course it can’t. At Beneficial Family Will’s we interact with our clients as often as they need and are with them every step of the way. You won't be charged a penny until you are completely happy with the instructions.   Making a Will can feel a little overwhelming. It’s a big step and a lot of careful decisions need to be made. Why would you trust your last wishes to a computer program?

Questions to ask yourself

Savings and Investments. Have you considered the impact of not having a Will on your savings and investments? Asset Protection. Would you like to know how you could protect your assets ensuring that your chosen beneficiaries actually receive what you want them to?

Legal Authority. Do you want to give your family the legal authority to look after your financial affairs if you become unable to do so through illness or old age?

Family Home. Have you considered the effect on the value of your family home if you had to go into care through an accident, illness or old age and had to pay care home fee’s?

Inheritance Tax. Are you concerned about the possibility of your family having to pay inheritance tax?

Unmarried. Are you unmarried and would you like to know how to safeguard the interests of you and your partner?
Children. If you have children under the age of 18, have you thought about suitable guardians to care for them if you were unable to?

2nd Marriage. Do you have children from a previous relationship, and would you like to ensure they inherit?

Business Owner. Have you made any provision for the continuation of your business after your death?

Funeral Expenses. Have you though about who will pay for your funeral and how much it may cost them?
With so much to think about, you can see why so many people put off getting their affairs in order.

The important thing to keep in mind is that your Will should be a completely personal and unique document for your individual circumstances. Also, do remember that your Will can be re-visited and changed as those individual circumstances change over time.

We are a small family business with over 20 years’ experience and a proven record of first-class service. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.    Get in touch New call-to-action